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The Young Sabellius

     A historical novel (the first of a series) about the great evangelist and theologian of the late second and third century. As a young boy growing up in Cyrene, northen Africa, Sabellius is the tall, handsome son of a Greek sea captain and a noble Roman lady, who is distantly related to the Roman emperor Lucius Septimius Severus. Sabellius falls in love with the petite, blonde daughter of a neighboring Greek pastor, and he ends up in Rome as a student in the Bible College there. His father is also a pastor, and becomes involved in a great religious struggle between liberal Christians who are introducing false teaching into the church.

     His mother, Portia, struggles with her relationship with three prominent Roman nobles, who are drawn to her, and with her Christian walk. Her visit to the young Sabellius in Rome brings about a crisis in her life and a challenge she never thought she would face.

Sabellius in Rome

     The second in this series of historical novels about the great evangelist and theologian. Sabellius becomes a young pastor in Rome. His life is dramatically affected when his father, Aristaeus, is lost at sea during a violent storm. Portia, his young and beautiful mother, a lady with high connections, shows up in Rome, determined to search for her husband. Plautianus, a distant cousin and boyhood sweetheart of hers, determines to help Portia, but there is a price tag. When Portia visits his palace, she is disgraced by the powerful Roman. Only the prayers of her daughter-in-law Lydia and the compassion of Bishop Zephyrinus helps her out of her immediate situation. Portia struggles with the shame of the incident with her own family turning against her at times. The search for her husband comes to a startling climax in the midst of a raging storm at sea. Dramatic and suspenseful meetings with pirates, military officers, and God will change all of their lives. This novel demonstrates that the present and future cannot separate us from the love of God, but the past can.

Sabellius in Africa: The Heritage of the Heart

     Sabellius tragically loses his first wife Lydia in childbirth. He leaves Rome and returns to northern Africa to work on his father's estate. There he is thrown together with the young and lovely Hecate, a Roman maidservant that Portia, Sabellius' mother, "adopted". Hecate also lost her companion when her husband, Sabellius' younger brother Epigonus, was lost at sea. The two young people are thrown together on the estate. They finally realize that they are in love with one another. Before Sabellius can declare his love to Hecate, a young evangelist proposes marriage to her, begging Sabellius' father Aristaeus, the master of the estate, for her hand.

     All is not well at the estate, since Portia, Sabellius' mother, is upset with his father, Aristaeus, a Greek sea captain, who is constantly at sea. Portia is still torn by her past life as the daughter of a wealthy and powerful Roman equestrian in Leptis Magna. This comes to a head, when Portia, Sabellius and Hecate, travel to Leptis Magna, to honor the Roman emperor Lucius Septimius Severus, who is a distant cousin. The powerful Gaius Fulvius Plautianus, another distant cousin, who was Portia's childhood sweetheart, is there, and attempts to win Portia for himself. Portia has a powerful life-changing experience at the tomb of her parents, when she is finally able to visit there. She must decide between the heritage of her past or the heritage of her heart. The trip to Leptis Magna is not without excitement, since it includes a fight by Sabellius, who is armed with a spear, with a lion in a crowded arena, a a noisy banquet where Plautianus takes Portia home, and a dramatic confrontation between Plautianus and Sabellius over his mother.

Queen and the Heretic

     In the early life of the beautiful warrior queen Zenobia, she had an early teenage marriage to an unknown boy. She later unexplainably protected and befriended a handsome, popular Christian bishop in Antioch, Paul of Samosata, known as possibly the greatest Christian heretic in the ancient world. Their love affair and the dramatic consequences are imagined in this fictional romance of adventure and love.

     One of the most beautiful and educated women of her time, Zenobia was a woman who conquered Egypt and challenged the Roman Emperor Aurelian for control of the ancient world. She gave her heart to a teenager in a doomed elopement. Later forced to marry the power prince of Palmyra, Zenobia could never leave the tragic love of her youth until death parted them on the banks of the Euphrates.

Lost Memories of Eden

     A historical fantasy novel of adventure about Noah and the ark. Noah must do more than build an ark. Noah is born under strange circumstances. His lovely teenager mother, Bathenosh, met a tall, dark stranger about the time of Noah’s conception. The tall, dark stranger is Samhazi, a fallen angel, who cloned himself a human body. Noah’s father Lamech believes that Bathenosh was unfaithful to him and that Noah is not his son because of some seemingly "supernatural" occurrences at the boy’s birth and because a servant lied to him about Bathenosh’s meeting with Samhazi.

When Noah is grown, Samhazi returns and abducts Noah’s young mother, who is entranced by the tall, dark stranger. Samhazi is a part of 200 fallen angels from the constellation Orion, who have assumed human bodies, and who desire to rule over mankind. It looks like they will succeed. Only the daring boldness of the young Noah stands in their way. He and the patriarchs are inspired by the beautiful "memories of the Garden of Eden". They are determined that these memories will not perish from mankind.

The fallen angels in their human condition desire to control the earth and to have women as companions. Noah resists their demonic activities by forcefully taking his mother away from Samhazi. Noah’s pretty wife Naamah, a descendant of Cain, stands by Noahs side, but even she is temporarily falls under the spell of the enigmatic Samhazi. Finally, the fallen angels determine to burn down the ark, which Noah and his sons have spent years building. The future of antediluvian mankind hangs in the balance as Noah, with angelic help, defends the great ark from destruction.

The Centurion’s Daughter

     Sabina is the beautiful half-German daughter of a Roman centurion Quadratus, who owns on a large estate outside of Smyrna. Sabina’s father, a favorite of the Emperor Hadrian, was a veteran of the Bar Kochba Jewish war of rebellion. Quadratus suffers from post-traumatic distress syndrome and is a heavy drinker.

Sabina must manage the estate since her brother Manius is a weakling and not interested in helping. When the young Manius get mixed up with Christians in Smyrna, it falls to Sabina to retrieve him with the help of a handsome woodworkers’ son, Noetus. The renowned Christian bishop Polycarp intercedes and makes Manius return with his sister. Although Sabina wants to please her father, she realizes she has feelings for Noetus, even though she feels he is beneath her station. When Quadratus finds out about her relationship with Noetus, he sends Sabina and her pretty, dark-haired maidservant Phaedra to Rome to live with Sabina’s uncle, who is expected to find a suitable Roman husband for Sabina. In spite of her uncle’s efforts, a young centurion Lucius, who is the wealthy nephew of General Quintus Lollius Urbicus, falls in love with Phaedra, when they are thrown together during a storm.

When General Urbicus finds this out, he sends his unrepentant nephew to a distant outpost in (modern) Algeria to keep him away from Phaedra.

The novel is fast-paced with plenty of action, including a kidnapping by bandits and riots in the streets of Smyrna. Sabina must make a decision concerning Noetus, while Phaedra longs for her Roman officer to somehow come and rescue her.