Morris Publishing will soon finish for me what I consider to be an important history on ancient Monarchian Christians (those early Christians who considered Jesus Christ to be God the Father manifest in the flesh, and who baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ). The book is entitled A History of the Dynamic Monarchians and should be available within a few weeks. It is a softcover edition in about 240 pp. It traces the history of these particular Christians down through the centuries and carefully examines their doctrine, their view of the incarnation, and the persecution they received. These particular Monarchian Christians have been condemned concerning their view of the deity of Jesus Christ. I hope this work will throw some light on that issue.  I am excited about getting this book out since I have spent many years researching the material and working on the book.

Concerning non-fiction works, I also have available copies of a previous work, a paperback,  The History of the Monarchian Christians, 75 pp (very small print) $10.95, which covers the history of both wings of the Monarchian Christians up to the 20th century. This can be ordered from me.

A smaller, hard to find spiral bound study of the life of the Monarchian Christian Sabellius (Sabellius: His Life and Theology, 27 pp) is also available for  $8.95.

Some of the other fiction works, the novels, listed on this website, can be ordered directly from me by check or money order while supplies last. I like to think that the novels are not only exciting and adventurous, but they make religious fiction interesting for the mature Christian reader who wants interesting reading that honors Christ and portrays Christians who are not perfect…yet.