The Origin of Heathendom

I found an American edition of a little book entitled The Origin of Heathendom. The author’s name, “Ben Adam”, is obviously a pseudonym.  The Foreward to the American edition (published  by Bethany Fellowship, Minneapolis MN in 1963 and reprinted in 1964) is written by Arthur E. Bloomfield, who praised the work. There is a previous Foreword apparently by this “Ben Adam” written in 1937 at Exeter in England. In the Foreword it is stated that the primary reason for the book was to demonstrate the “origin” of the “heathen” or the Gentiles.

However, there is much more examined in this most interesting book. The writer is both a Hebrew and a Greek scholar.  He opines that the “dispersion” of the Gentiles began in the plain of Sumer [Shinar]. The writer believes that all the land was initially gathered together into one “super” continent, but following the flood “in the days of Peleg” the earth was “divided” and the  present day continents were formed when sections of the “super” continent drifted apart. These actions seemingly require a great deal of time.

With the creation of man (homo sapiens), God gave him dominion over the earth. This human dominion was frustrated when Satan deceived man and he fell into sin and death. Ultimately, dominion will be restored by the “seed of the woman”, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The writer seems to embrace the “gap theory” and believes that the creation story represents “re-creation” after “some Satanic outburst” caused the destruction of the planet.

Animal sacrifice was instituted as a remedial forgiveness for Adam and Eve’s sin. An animal was slain by God and its skin was given to the naked couple to cover them. Cain and Abel were twins born of Adam and Eve after their ejection from the Garden. Eve mistakenly thought at first that Cain the firstborn of the twins was the “promised seed” of Jehovah God. Satan, when he saw the life of Cain, knew better. He thought that perhaps Abel was the “seed” and so he provoked Cain to slay him.

The writer (“Ben Adam” or “Son of Adam”) developes the theory of the “fallen angels” in chapter six of Genesis. His theory is very convincing. Although he knows that this theory causes “considerable opposition” from religious leaders, he feels that it is the truth and demonstrates very ably that this is the import of the scriptures.

Needless to say, an elaborate theory of the consequences of the fall of man, the damage done by the group of “fallen angels” (“the sons of God”) in Genesis 6 is meticulously built up by the author. It makes for interesting reading and answers more questions than it raises.

I tried to search everywhere in vain to find another copy of this marvelous book. Needless to say, I was able to locate one copy throughout all my searching was quite expensive. I have held on to the small paperback copy which I have, although the pages are falling out.

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  1. Lupe J.Morales says:

    I agree whit you on averything,i have a copy of the book in Spanish.

  2. chalfantw says:

    This is very interesting. Do you mean to say that you have a copy of Ben Adam’s “The Origin of Heathendom” in Spanish?

    I would be interested in reading what you have to say on the subject.

    William B Chalfant

  3. James l. Head says:

    I have an original copy of Ben Adams’ book. It was originally published by Marshall, Morgan and Scott LTD in London. the company sold several times and I have run into a brick wall trying to find out who Ben Adam really was! the librarian in Exeter said there are no genealogical connections to a Ben Adams there. he has kept his identity well hidden. Any ideas on how to find the real author? Thanks, James L. Head

  4. chalfantw says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’ve been in and out of state and didn’t think to look for it. Perhaps there may be a way to solicit replies from others who are interested in the subject? There must be some websites or forums in England. I wonder how they register their books there? The year of the original publication may have seen some reviews with information on the identity of the author. I see quite a bit of material concerning the “sons of God” on the Web. I would hang on to your original copy. My paperback is in poor repair. I really cherish it.

  5. Edgar Rivera says:

    I found seveal books on not with the original titlThe Origin of Heathendome, but with the “original title from Bethany, Astrology, the ancient conspiracy (Paperback)
    Good luck

  6. James L. head says:

    I have an original edition, published in England. Would love to find the real identity of “Ben Adam.” Any ideas on how to find him? JH

  7. J Ranz says:

    I have the 1963 paperback of The Origin of Heathendom by Ben Adams. I found it an amazing book and made my head spins with some of his theories backed by scripture. The astrology connection was awesome. I can see why many of his ideas might seem heretical to the church, but I have always believed there are many mysteries the Bible does not make clear.

  8. chalfantw says:


    I wish I knew who Ben Adam was. I have not been able to find out, and his book is out of print.

  9. chalfantw says:

    Dear J Ranz:

    I feel the same way. My paperback edition is coming apart. There was one edition on the net which they wanted nearly one hundred dollars for. I am not sure his ideas are “heretical”, but they definitely not mainstream. One of the issues here is the canonicity of the book of Enoch (if one could find the ancient version). William B Chalfant

  10. chalfantw says:

    Edgar Rivera:

    Thank you for the comment. I had never heard of the title Astrology, the Ancient Conspiracy. I will have to check that out. Sorry to be so late in replying. William B Chalfant. What was your opinion of Ben Adam’s work?

  11. James L. Head says:

    Perhaps if enough of us keep up the search we can find the true identity of Ben Adam. My particular interest in his book is his chapter on the Sons of God. I have been gathering information on this topic for over 40 years, and one of THE most important statements that Adam makes is that the Nephilim are NOT the giants but the fallen angels who produced them with the “daughters of men,” (pages 99 and following in his original book). JLH

  12. I wish I had some ideas of accomplishing this. The publishing company, as far as I know, seems to have no records.

  13. Angus says:

    I too have a copy of Bethany Fellowship’s 1963 – Origin of Heathendom. At the time of the publication I was a student at Bethany College of Missions and was encouraged by Arthur Bloomfield to read the book. I was intrigued with Ben Adams’ study of the fallen angels. I’ve been enjoying the comments on this forum. Thank you!

  14. I have had some major illness this summer and perhaps did not reply to your very incisive comment about the Nephilim and the progeny of theirs, the giants. I believe that their DNA genetic descent was through one of the wives of either Shem, Ham or Japheth (considering the story of the Flood)…most likely Ham’s wife, considering statements made about Ham and Canaan. Moreover, the Anakim and related Giants lived in the land of Canaan. I undestand some people living in Spain today have the anomaly of six fingers and six toes. Great comment. -Bill Chalfant

  15. johan says:

    I discovered this book in my library and scanned through it the last couple of days. 1964 edition. Some loose pages 128 pages. The capacity of fallen angels to materialize is a scary thought in the ligt of a prediction Jesus made ” like in the days of Noah”

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