Why Historical Fiction Is Important To Christian Literature

It is possible to resurrect the past in a vibrant, exciting way by means of historical fiction. In many cases, little remains of great men and women who lived in the distant past. Particularly the lives of common people are often hidden in the mists of times long gone by. Historical fiction can bring these people to life once again. It can show their passions, their dilemmas, and their daily lives. Moreover, historical fiction can create an interest in readers about the people and the times in which they lived. Readers can appreciate the worth of those who lived in the past. Historical fiction requires a lot of research in order to portray the culture and historical settings as accurately as possible. For the sake of lucid and understandable communications it is not always necessary to make the conversation of characters match the phraseology of those in the past. One need not use “thee’s” and “thou’s” to bring about a sense of reality. In the novels I have written I have tried to portray accurately the culture and the environment of the times of which I have written, but I have not attempted to necessarily use a style of language which impedes and alienates the reader. Instead, I have even used modern phrases and idioms of speech which I believe would facilitate the understanding of the reader.

Historical fiction is filled with adventure, romance, inspiration, drama, from bygone days. It is an opportunity to live vicariously in another world that is gone forever, but in one which is resurrected in the mind and imagination of the reader.

Historical Fiction Opens Up Whole New Vistas